Replacement Parts

What is an Enema?

"An enema is defined as "a fluid injected into the rectum for the purpose of clearing out the bowel, or of administering drugs or food." It is one of humanity's oldest medical procedures still in use. Tribal women in Africa routinely administer it to their children. The earliest medical text in existence, the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, mentions it. Millennia before, the Pharaoh had a "guardian of the anus," a special doctor whose purpose was to administer his enema. This was truly a Royal Flush.

Enema Benefits

A number of people are on special cleansing or fasting diets, or detoxing the Liver by using Coffee Enema. Some are performing enemas on a very regular basis. Coffee enema is one of the first treatments administered to terminal cancer patients entering a Gerson Cancer Clinic. People in the late stages of cancer are typically in almost unbearable pain. The Enemas are known to reduce pain. Thus the need for the Enema Kit.

Our Components

We recommend Premium Silicone Tubing. It is 100 % medical grade, non-toxic, BPA and Latex free. Medical grade means that this tubing can withstand higher temperatures, and will not break down when exposed to coffee elements. Another benefit is that it can be boiled for 3 seconds for re-sterilization. A good choice for those with chemical sensitivities. A check valve can be added as an accessory. The silicone tubing is the best you can buy and is made in the U S A.

The Most Recommended Enema Coffee

The Gold Roast Coffee is 100% certified organic coffee. There are no additives and there are no fillers used. The difference between regular drinking coffee and the Gold Roast Coffee is the countries the coffee beans come from and the roasting process. S A Wilson's Coffee is dedicated enema coffee.