About Enema Essentials

My name is Jackie. Enema Essentials came about as a result of my having difficulty finding a good Enema kit for Coffee Enemas. I am not a health professional and so therefore speak from experience.

What was available was plastic and not made for repeated enema use, not to mention the toxic effects when plastic is heated.

In the process of my search I was able to set a series of standards of what was required in enema equipment.

    • Able to be used multiple times without deterioration.
    • Easy to use.
    • It can be easily sterilized
    • Non plastic tubing but of high grade medical standard.
    • The tubing is of the size and dimension it was easy to use.
    • The bucket could be easily and securely hung.
    • The nozzle was comfortable.
    • The parts are replaceable.
    • The Enema Kit was from a reputable source that I was comfortable buying from on line.

So to help others who may encounter the same experience I set up Enema Essentials.