Client Testimonials

I'm really happy with my new enema bucket. I used to use a plastic enema bag, but the stainless steel bucket is a big upgrade. The bag had a narrow neck which made it hard to fill, and made cleaning difficult. I had to lean the bag on something to stop it falling over, - something I don't have to worry about now with the bucket.
I like the one way valve on the hose my new bucket - it ensures that the liquid flows only one way. [The plastic bag did not have a one way valve on its hose].

It is really quick and easy to take apart. Cleaning, takes a fraction of the time that I used to spend on my plastic bag and hose. Everything on it is robust, well-made and designed to last. I highly recommend this enema bucket.
LP 15/6/2015

I found Jackie through a mutual contact and I'm so glad I did. I have had digestion trouble for years and have spent a fortune on trying different things to help ease my situation. Jackie was so helpful and my Enema kit is excellent. Works very well and simple to use. The results have been amazing!! Now I am lighter, my head is clearer and I can function like normal again. I don't know what I would do without my Enema kit. It's really been the best thing I have done for myself. Thank you Jackie.
Greg , Christchurch, June 2015

I began doing coffee enemas 2 years ago. Initially all I could find was plastic bags + plastic buckets with plastic tubing from local suppliers.
On becoming aware that plastic was potentially toxic when using warm coffee I decided to find a much better health option.
The bucket from Enema Essentials is great, it is easy to use, and because it is stainless steel + the tubing is high quality silicone the potential toxicity is reduced. I have assurance that because of the high quality and attention to detail I am using the best product to be found. I am very grateful, thankyou.